Samta Gram Prakalpa

In order to address structural issues leading to discrimination, DMVM launched the 'Samata Gram Prakalp' in 20 villages of Satara. The program was launched on 14th April 2015 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Babasahed Ambedkar who was a staunch supporter of Samata or Equality. As part of the program, joint trainings were organised for couples on issues of discrimination and provision of equal opportunities to women.

A series of public meetings were organised to create awareness on issues related to violence and how violence and discrimination compromise on women's right to equal opportunity. As part of the program, we also initiated a movement for joint registration of property in the name of husband and wife and titled the movement 'Ghar Doghanche'. A series of advocacy meetings were organised with the district administration for joint registration of property.

Since the October of 2015 'Girls Count', a coalition of NGO's working on the issue of Sex Selection and PCPNDT Act has been supporting the Samata Gram Prakalpa.